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Exciting News!!!

Circle C is pleased to announce the reintroduction of our stallion service futurity. These futurities are only open to progeny of donated stallions. It is to be held at our may shows. Great prizes up for grabs. Theres current pictures of donated stallions on the current news page please check back for more info on monday 9th sept. Horses go on sale on the 8th at the monthly show and will be available online on the 9th sept. 


 The aim of our website is to keep members up to date with upcoming show dates, general information, clinics, show results, photos, newsletters and printable entry forms and show programs for your convenience.

Circle c are working on developing a brand new membership pack! The aim of this pack it to give a brief outline of what our shows are all about, just to help new members understand the events a little more- remember there is always a friendly face available to help you if you need more help on the day, don't be afraid to ask!

Circle C are also taking a different approach to sponsorship this season, with all sponsors however big or small being recognized in a number of ways, and a new sponsorship pack being available for anyone at the monthly shows.

There have been a lot of changes made this coming year to different areas of the club, to keep informed with all current changes please check out our CURRENT NEWS page for more details!

Circle C hold shows on the 2nd weekend of every month from September to May. Monthly shows are 'B' shows on Saturday and 'A' shows on Sunday. Circle C have 2-3 'AA' shows a season keep on eye on our current news section in regards to these. Circle C pride themselves on giving great end of year prizes. All 'A' & 'AA'  shows are AQHA & AAA & Now PHAA approved.

Be sure to check our current news section for regular updates on what is happening around the club.

Please visit regularly and if you would like to have something added to the website or newsletter please email the Newsletter/Website Editor ctquarterhorses@hotmail.com